Brewery: Hof ten Dormaal

Hof ten Dormaal, a square farm in Tildonk, has been home to a traditional brewery since 2009 in a unique ecological concept. We grow our own grains and hops and we malt, brew and bottle ourselves. All barley products and marc are processed as fodder for the livestock on the farm. This completes the circle and makes us the most ecological brewery in the world.


In addition to the well-known 'Witgoud', a beer based on chicory, we also produce about 15 other own beers and do not shy away from a challenge to come up with new creations.


Hof ten Dormaal is a unique concept where farmers and brewing go hand in hand. This goes back to the age-old tradition of home brewing on the farm, with ingredients grown in the fields around the court.


The Janssens family continues this tradition today. Under the approving eye of father Andre, sons Dries and Jef continue to farm and brew happily. Based on this tradition, we are fully committed to beers with unique, innovative flavors.


Six hectares of beer barley, wheat, oats and spelt are grown on the fields around Hof ten Dormaal.

Next to the brewery are two hop fields where hops are grown in both the English and the European way. There is also a pilot project with KU Leuven to be able to grow and harvest hops all year round.


After a major fire in January 2015, the brewery was completely renovated. With two brews you can now brew up to 5000 liters per day. The brewery has five fermentation tanks of five thousand liters and two of three thousand liters. Its own bottling line has a capacity of 3000 bottles per hour. Our own cooling vessel is used for the sour beers. Hof ten Dormaal was among the first in Belgium to age beer in oak barrels, giving the beer an extra rich dimension of the drink that has been in the barrel. This varies from season to season and ranges from whiskey and cognac to port, madeira or gin.

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